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Langston Hughes asked “What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like raisins in the sun?” I’ll tell you what happens. For many low income people of color, segregation creates neighborhoods where there are more guns than computers, more bullets than ballots, and more pessimism than promise. Segregation produces neighborhoods where there are few opportunities to work, to shop or to play safely, where peoples lives and homes are underwater, where many schools offer little more than an education designed to prepare children for only the most menial jobs as adults. These are all links in what now has become the chain that once again enslaves people of color.

Together we need to break those chains. We need to give families a chance to reach the American Dream. This is what we are about – our name says it all – Housing Choice Partners. We give families a choice in where they live and by doing that we give them a chance to realize their dreams for themselves and their children. Perhaps most importantly, we give families and their children hope, because it is hopelessness more than pain that crushes the human spirit.

We can only accomplish this work with our partners – families, landlords, housing authorities, foundations, and people like you.

HCP’s influence extends far beyond Chicago and even Illinois. Our ideas, enthusiasm, examples, and strategies now cross the country from east to west and north to south. More housing authorities, local governments and others realize the importance of home – especially a home in a neighborhood of opportunity and growth.

HCP is about choice, opportunity and partnering with those who can make that happen. We are the oldest housing mobility organization in the country, but we can only continue helping families and their children move to opportunity with your support.

As an Illinois 501(c)3 nonprofit, HCP needs the financial donations of supporters like you to continue its mission of ending intergenerational poverty and promoting racial and economic diversity in housing.

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