Consulting for Public Housing Authorities, Non Profits, Municipalities or other Entitlement Jurisdictions

For consulting questions, contact Christine Klepper, Executive Director, HCP, and Partner, HCP Consulting.


Mobility/Fair Housing Services

HCP has been involved in fair housing and mobility programs for 20 years and follows in the footsteps of the Gautreaux Assisted Housing Program, the first ever mobility program, created in Chicago in the 1970’s. The Gautreaux Program showed that assisting low income voucher holders to move “opportunity” areas, made a long term difference, especially in the lives of the children.

HCP built on the lessons learned from the Gautreaux Program. New services and techniques were developed that were more efficient and effective given today’s housing markets. Programs were created for both large and small housing authorities, and HCP worked with different client populations—those relocating from public housing, new voucher holders coming off wait lists, second movers and households porting to different jurisdictions.

HCP also manages a State of Illinois project-based subsidy program, administering income certifications, inspections, as a PHA would for the HCV program. Administering a regional wait list for project-based units is another task HCP has taken on.

Direct Services

HCP has more experience in the area of fair housing/mobility counseling than any other agency in the country.

The first mobility effort was with the Housing Authority of Cook County beginning in 1995. HCP then completed the relocation of about 1000 Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) residents over a period of time and almost half of those families went to low poverty or opportunity areas. HCP also provides mobility counseling for all CHA voucher holders who chose to participate. Over 1100 moves to opportunity areas have been made in the last four years.

HCP organized seven housing authorities in the Chicago region (small and large) to participate in a special demonstration program funded by HUD, several private foundations and the Cook County CDBG program. The Chicago Regional Housing Choice Initiative (CRHCI) was designed to test several strategies around tenant-based vouchers and regional mobility; project-based vouchers and a centralized wait list; and regional portability administration.

The Housing Authority of Joliet (HAJ) recently hired HCP and its partner, TEC Services, to do a comprehensive relocation project for residents of two public housing developments that will be demolished. Relocation, case management and mobility services are provided to HAJ.


HCP was asked to assist the Rockford Housing Authority (RHA) as part of a settlement in a fair housing case. The RHA relocated 75 public housing residents with a voucher. This was a consulting contract where HCP created the mobility program in partnership with the RHA to be sure that all residents received their fair housing rights and that the housing authority followed through on its duty to affirmatively further fair housing.

HCP was also asked to assist the Port Arthur Housing Authority (PAHA) as they relocated about 200 public housing families. Again, a mobility program was created by HCP in partnership with the PHA and it was implemented by the housing authority. The housing authority also went through a civil rights compliance review from HUD. HCP helped to garner fair housing support for the site selection for new mixed income public housing.

HCP has talked with numerous other jurisdictions who are interested in developing mobility programs and in improving their affirmative efforts to promote fair housing.

HUD and others have suggested that HCP provide a broader range of consulting services as the duty to affirmatively further fair housing is strengthened at the federal level. As an advocate for reducing generational poverty through housing mobility, HCP Consulting is ready to share its knowledge!



In order to determine if a mobility or other fair housing program is feasible, an assessment can be conducted. Will such a program be beneficial for residents and cost-effective for the organization?

  • Current fair housing rules/regulations, and mobility efforts/programs and rental market patterns;
  • Options for levels of mobility services related to local conditions;
  • Identifying cost of services at various levels;
  • Fair market rent or exception rent consideration;
  • Defining and identifying local or regional opportunity areas;
  • Fair Housing and Civil Rights Compliance related to expanded housing choice and mobility (e.g. compliance with internal or external policies, development and implementation of a plan to remedy issues identified in formal complaints); and
  • Fair Housing Plan reviews related to affirmatively furthering fair housing through expanded choice and mobility.


  • Capacity building of local agencies to implement local programs;
  • Development of program goals and objectives, and targeted populations;
  • Design of internal procedures and processes specific to the PHA/organization;
  • Development of materials (e.g. program forms, marketing materials, staff and family training materials);
  • Establishment and maintenance of required relocation documentation;
  • Landlord outreach and listing of available units;
  • Family workshops, meetings, orientations, or one-on-one counseling;
  • Unit search assistance for families;
  • Transportation and tours of neighborhoods and units for families;
  • Partnership development for community and other social service resources;
  • Coordination of transitional supportive services for moving families and follow-up; and
  • Development of implementation plan, performance metrics, reports and tools for outcome measurement.


HCP Consulting has the expertise and experience in the areas of housing mobility and relocation work to conduct training/workshops for PHA or housing agency staff, residents, or other stakeholders in the following areas:

  • Mobility Counseling program development and administration;
  • Opportunity Area information and benefits;
  • Landlord outreach and retention; and
  • Good Neighbor Workshops.
    • Tenant/landlord rights and responsibilities;
    • Home maintenance and housekeeping;
    • Financial management/household budgeting;
    • Schools matter; and
    • Building community.

Other Activities/Special Projects

There are a variety of unique services HCP Consulting can provide in conjunction with services listed above or as a stand-alone service:

  • Management of portability programs;
  • Centralized Wait List Development and Management;
  • Project-based voucher program administration (State and PHA sponsored programs);
  • Assistance with civil rights reviews/complaints related to fair housing;
  • Development of PHA plans to affirmatively further fair housing for annual plans/reports to HUD;
  • Information management solutions (e.g. database development, case management system, SharePoint development and implementation);
  • Assistance in developing funding solutions and grant applications for mobility and other fair housing programs;
  • Development of incentive programs for program participants (e.g. payments, gift certificates, or other financial incentives for opportunity moves); and
  • Development of incentive programs for owner/landlord participation with HCV or mobility programs (e.g. tax credit, holding fee programs).

One of HCP’s Organizational clients says of HCP:

“There is no other organization that I am aware of that does a better job at relocation/mobility. They take into consideration so many other factors that most organizations don’t even think about in helping clients relocate into new communities. “

  Sherri Sengsouvanna - Consultant - Cropped

Sherri Sengsouvanna, Principal Sengsouvanna Consulting LLC Houston, TX Specializing in Public Housing Operations, Development, Procurement and Project Management

For consulting questions, contact Christine Klepper, Executive Director, HCP, and Partner, HCP Consulting

This program made possible in part by the Chicago Community Trust.