Mobility Counseling

LANDLORDS — Contact Jessie McDaniels, Real Estate Specialist at 773 451-0203 x 225 to find out how you can add your unit to the program!!!

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Pre- and Post-Mobility Counseling addresses for HCP CHA mobility clients. Click image to enlarge.

CHA Mobility Program

HCP works with families of the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) that have a rent subsidy through the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV), providing education and support to encourage families to move into CHA designated “Opportunity Areas” within the City of Chicago.

Opportunity Areas are neighborhoods that offer quality housing and better educational and employment choices so that families can use their subsidy not just to pay the rent, but to improve their lives.

Current HCV participants that do not currently live in Opportunity Areas, new admissions, and families porting-in from another Housing Authority are eligible to participate in the CHA Mobility Counseling Program.

Mobility Counseling Program Services

A Mobility Counselor assists families to identify housing and community needs and desires, as well as locate a unit in an Opportunity Area.  Participating families work with their Mobility Counselor throughout the move process to assist with transitioning into their new community (e.g. locating community resources, enrolling children in schools).  Participants can also take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Workshops on home maintenance, financial management and tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Community tours and unit search assistance
  • A grant of up to $500 to be used toward a security deposit
  • Support and mediation of any problems that during move-in or afterward
  • Assistance in enrolling your Landlord in the Illinois Housing Opportunity Area Tax Abatement Program*

*The Illinois Housing Opportunity Area Tax Abatement Program allows landlords/building owners to decrease the property taxes of units leased to HCV holders up to 19% for up to 10 years.  Units must be located within designated Opportunity Areas and must be in compliance with all applicable local building codes.   **Be sure to mention this to landlords when searching for housing!**

Enrollment in Mobility Counseling

Interested families can find out more about the program by contacting Melanie Toney, Supervisor, CHA Mobility Program at or 773-451-0203 x 232.

About Opportunity Areas

A CHA Opportunity Area is a census tract with less than 20% of its individuals with income below the poverty level and a low concentration of subsidized housing. Some census tracts with low poverty, moderate subsidized housing, and improving community economic characteristics are also designated as Opportunity Areas. CHA uses this definition of Opportunity Areas for its Mobility Counseling Program and to grant monthly rental payments comparable to area rents for the HCV Program.

Opportunity Map – Chicago

Video regarding mobility counseling and the benefits: