Other Programs

Real Estate Outreach and Education.

HCP educates landlords and Realtors about the Housing Choice Voucher Program and fair housing laws.

  • Listings- HCP actively searches for rental units in opportunity areas for clients.
  • Speaking- Staff speak to groups of housing providers about the voucher program and fair housing issues.

Employer-Assisted Housing

HCP works with the Metropolitan Planning Council and others so that more employees can afford to live near their jobs. HCP coordinates the program with the employer and a State of Illinois matching funds program so that more renters can become homeowners. Counseling is provided to the employee on the various aspects of homeownership including financing, maintenance, inspections, appraisals etc.

Employers benefit from a more stable workforce while employees gain a stake in the neighborhood.


HCP is currently researching the outcomes for the families that it has placed over the years for both the Chicago and Cook County Housing Authorities to determine how many of the clients remain in opportunity areas and what does that mean for these families.

Special Projects.

In addition to its core mobility work, HCP has been active in advocacy, working with other organizations to develop better programs and policies to encourage affordable housing in areas of opportunity. For example, HCP helped to get the Illinois Housing Opportunity Area Abatement Program passed in 2005. That program provides tax abatement to landlords who rent to voucher clients in opportunity areas.

At various times, HCP has also participated in other special projects including homeownership and foreclosure counseling.